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Classic Meats

“Nello Stile Antico”  — “In the ancient style.” That’s what our founder, Umberto, used to say.

Battistoni’s Classic Meats are made using the select quality ingredients and the same Mediterranean recipes that our original sausage maker, Guieseppe Surbine, penned.  Our carefully chosen lean pork and beef selections are all certified Gluten-Free and contain no artificial ingredients.

At Battistoni, we believe that in order to call a product “Italian” there ought to be some direct ties to Italy! Our “Classic Italian” line features recipes that Urberto Battistoni borrowed from his homeland … from wine-cured salami to whole dry spices in Genoa.

Our classic meats offer the most complete and distinguished flavors of hard salami, Genoa salami, pepperoni and capocollo to satisfy even the most sophisticated of palates.


Artisan Meats

“Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art” – Leonardo da Vinci

Handcrafted with the Italian style of an artisan craftsman, Battistoni’s Artisan Meats are made using traditional methods and recipes, and with only high-quality ingredients.

Our Old World Recipes were cultivated in the Italian tradition and have remained authentic for generations. Battistoni’s Artisan Meats have been handcrafted, cured and prepared to highlight the bold and unique flavor that has been our tradition since 1931.



All Natural Meats

Italian-Style Specialties made with All-Natural Ingredients

Battistoni Italian Specialty Meats  continues to lead innovation in the dry cured sausage category. We have expanded our product line in response to the changing needs of its consumer market.   Battistoni’s Naturals  are dedicated to providing healthier alternatives and a variety with the launch of their Uncured All Natural products for you and your customers to enjoy.

We currently offer several Uncured All Natural Meats including:Genoa Salami, Hard Salami, Sandwich Pepperoni, Pepperoni Sticks, and sliced Pepperoni in 3 varieties: Sicilian Bold, Pizzeria style, Turkey Napolitano.

  • Battistoni Products are made only with natural spices and the highest premium cuts of meat
  • Battistoni products contain no artificial color or flavor
  • Minimally processed meats  made the old fashioned way
  • Contains no trans-fat
  • Nitrate and nitrite free and contains no preservatives
  • Gluten free and contains no MSG

Research Indicates that Consumers are looking for All Natural Meats

  • In an online survey conducted in June Natural and Organic foods made a larger impact in consumers’ shopping choices in 2010. Harris Interactive® Food Shopping Trends Tracker
  • 27 % of adults say that natural and/or organic foods comprise more than a 1/4 of their total food purchases this year. An increase of 20% in just one year.

Customers want All Natural, Gluten, Nitrate and Nitrite Free Products



Deli Meats

Any Way You Slice It

Since 1931, Battistoni’s Italian Specialty Meats have been captivating food connoisseurs worldwide. We are thankful for the opportunity to maintain our Old World Italian tradition that represents more than five different regions of Italy. Gourmets alike have a love affair with flavorful specialty meats, referred to as charcuterie items. Smoked, dried and cooked, these meats have been carefully created.


Pre-Sliced Meats

Battistoni’s traditional pepperoni, sandwich pepperoni and chorizo have a strong and complete flavor, with a hint of spice.  We make sure that our pre-sliced Italian specialty meats are all lean and have a low acidity, which allows the authentic Italian tradition to live on in the fullest form.

Uncover your inner-artist and arrange an Italian specialty dish to enjoy with your friends and family, or as they say in Italy, amici e la famiglia.

Irresistible. Any way you slice it.


Grab and Go Tubs


Delicious. Any way you slice it.


Our Battistoni Grab &  Go tubs are perfect for those who enjoy variety and convenience of fresh and healthy choices with the convenience of prepared meats. Our gluten-free Italian specialty meats lets you experience the rich Italian taste of Battistoni on-the-go.


Capture the growing Self-Serve market with our new pre-sliced , pre-packaged Meats conveniently stored in resealable plastic tubs. Now customers can get our fresh Deli Meats without waiting in line at the Deli Counter! This is a premium quality item. Battistoni is making it more convenient for consumers to shop in the Deli or the Self-Serve areas of your store.


Battistoni Italian Specialty Meats continues to respond to changing consumer needs by offering an assortment of new products focused on health conscious, quality, and convenience driven market segments.


Recent US Deli Shopper Profile research highlights the convenience driven demand for a larger variety of high quality, pre-sliced deli meats in the self-serve deli section.


Deli Area Purchases


  • 56% Service Counter
  • 44% Self-Serve Areas


Adapted from US Deli Shopper Profile Research


U.S. deli market sales increased 5.7% to $23 billion in the 52 weeks ending May 28, 2011.


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