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Your Favorite Sandwich is One Stuffed With Your Favorite Italian Meats, Especially Organic Pepperoni

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From a very young age, if you grew up in a normal household, you were introduced to the sandwich. It all started innocently enough, perhaps with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a bologna sandwich, but that is how your addiction to sandwiches started.

And while you are quite happy to sink your teeth into a tuna sandwich or ham and turkey panini, your favorite sandwich is one stuffed with your favorite Italian meats, especially organic pepperoni. In your kitchen, the Italian sandwich is king.

But you have noticed something lately, there seems to be a disturbance in the Force. The sandwiches you have been in love with for so long are beginning to lose their flare. That is, you are feeling a little bored with your sandwiches. What is a sandwich lover supposed to do?

How about if you mixed things up a bit and substitute your traditional sandwich fillings with something different. Perhaps you can go off the charts and step way outside your sandwich comfort zone.

Let’s start by adding something fun to your typical Italian sandwich, like french fries or potato chips. Look, we are quite sure every kid has done this at one time or another and discovered it was good. Relive your youth by stuffing your Italian sandwich with something made from potatoes.

Tired of lettuce? If so, substitute that boring lettuce for spinach, eggplant or even zucchini, which all taste great and are a healthy choice as well.

Lastly, skip the mayo and mustard in favor of something new and eye-opening. Try horseradish as a topper or even tzatziki, sriracha or hummus. The possibilities are endless.

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