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You Plan on Using Our Organic Pepperoni on Homemade Pizza

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Well now, you just placed an order for some of the best organic pepperoni you will have the pleasure to eat. Your mouth is watering in anticipation. You plan on using our organic pepperoni on your favorite sandwiches when picnicking this summer. You also plan on using our organic pepperoni on homemade pizza.

But do you know how to prepare the perfect pizza?

We do, so read on.

Here is the first rule of making the best homemade pizza; completely disregard any cheese that is pre-shredded. That pre-shredded stuff you buy at grocery stores is coated with a powdery substance to keep it from sticking together. Look, you totally made the right move in buying our high-quality, organic pepperoni; don’t make the mistake of buying substandard cheese, it will ruin an otherwise perfect pizza pie. Pre-shredded mozzarella cheese will be tough and chewy and really doesn’t melt all that well. So suck it up and come to the realization that you are going to have to put some effort and elbow grease into shredding fresh cheese. Sure, it is some added work and you might break out in a sweat, but it will be so worth it when you taste the difference fresh mozzarella makes on a pizza. Besides, you could stand to get a little workout while shredding your own cheese.

Does it really matter the number of toppings you put on your pizza? Well, of course it does. Look, you could pile on two dozen toppings, everything from spinach to ground hamburger to sliced hot dogs, but you wind up covering up all the other flavors of your pizza. The ideal number of toppings for a pizza is three, and yes, there has been scientific research that backs this claim. And cheese technically doesn’t count as a topping. Also, avoid these toppings at all costs.

Now, this is not based on scientific proof but better pizza is made when the cheese goes on before the toppings. So, you spread the sauce on the pizza first, duh, then add the cheese, which acts as a glue and keeps the toppings in place. Part of the reason you do this is because your pizza will look better if you can see the toppings.

Now we are going to talk a bit about the sauce. We will not criticize if you buy pizza sauce in a jar, but for heaven’s sake please add a little spice to it before spreading it on your pizza. Choose a quality jar of sauce, add some fresh basil, garlic, parsley to it, or whatever else you desire, and you have a sauce fit for your masterful creation. If you prefer a white sauce, jazz that up before putting it on your pizza as well.

If you enjoy topping like tomatoes or pineapple, there is something you need to know. Canned pineapples and tomatoes are not recommended as they can turn your pizza soggy. It is best you use fresh ingredients as they are less likely to create soggy pools of liquid in your pizza.

So there you have it, the recipe for a perfect pizza!

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