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Organic Pepperoni, Salami, Summer Sausage, You Love it All, You are a Huge Fan of Italian Meats

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Organic pepperoni, salami, summer sausage, you love it all, you are a huge fan of Italian meats. This means you make yourself a lot of sandwiches, Italian meat sandwiches to be sure, and now you are getting a little concerned about your body.

Granted, you aren't overweight, but you would rather like to tighten up a few loose areas of your body. And here is the deal; you refuse to go to a gym. We don’t blame you, there is a segment of the population who hates going to the gym. What you need is a list of tips to stay in better shape.

Find an Exercise You Actually Enjoy

You might not like running on a treadmill and you absolutely hate lifting weights, but we are sure there is something you like doing that counts as exercise. Maybe you like riding your bike, a great form of exercise to be sure or perhaps swimming is a fun pastime that you could revisit.

You see, if you actually enjoy an activity, you will find a way to do it. The best kind of exercise is the exercise you get hidden in an activity you love.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Being fit isn't all about how hard or how much you work out. The top thing people do to stay fit and healthy is sleep.

Sleep gives you the energy you need to swim laps or ride your bike. It also helps repair your muscles and regulates your metabolism.

Hang out With Other Fit People

You are what you eat and who you hang out with as well. If you are hanging with a crowd who is always blasting through fast food joints for burgers and fries, you will not be satisfied with a salad and falafel. You will be all the more tempted to scarf down that triple cheeseburger.

Instead, find friends who enjoy healthy cooking, who try new restaurants with fresh ingredients and who like to go bike riding. It might be difficult dumping your old friends, but it will serve your body and health better.


Remember that your body needs rest as much as it needs exercise. Lead a life where exercise and rest are balanced.

Don’t Diet

Most diets are just fads. Really, how many people do you know who are constantly on a diet and constantly failing?

Now, not dieting doesn't mean cheeseburgers and pizza every meal. You still need to watch what you eat, you just don’t have to limit yourself to a salad and falafel. Unless, of course, you love falafel.

Think about the foods you eat and which ones make you feel good. You want to eat foods that you enjoy, but also keep you fully energized throughout the day. After all, you will need all of that energy for your bike ride.

Social Activity

If you have been finding it difficult to go on a bike ride, ask your friends to ride along. When exercise becomes a social activity, you are much more likely to engage.

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