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Quick Sandwich Wraps For Meals On The Go

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One of the harder things to do these days is to find time to have a well-rounded meal while on the go. Although more and more restaurants are offering healthier dining options, preparing a meal for your family is still the best way to be in complete control of the ingredients in the food you feed to your loved ones. If you are aware that you will need to be eating on the go, one great solution for the whole family is making sandwich wraps ahead of time. And, when you make your sandwich wraps with Battistoni Specialty Italian Meats, you can be certain that the cured Italian meats you are using are of the highest quality and made without adding unnecessary chemicals.

The Basic Wrap

When making a sandwich wrap for your family using cured Italian meats, choose meats that you can both slice thinly and pack a lot of flavor. Thinner slices allow easier rolling of the wraps, and an excellent option is Battistoni’s organic pepperoni made entirely from uncured beef. Wraps are like a thin version of Italian sandwich, but one quick tip is to spread your condiments-- oil & vinegar, mayonnaise, mustard, etc.-- between the organic pepperoni sausage and cheese so that your wrap doesn’t get soggy.

Even Healthier Options

While tortilla wraps already have less carbs than a sandwich, you could use tomato or spinach wraps to be even healthier. Another option would be to ditch the tortilla altogether and use large pieces of lettuce. No matter which way you make your sandwich wraps, your family will be sure to have a great meal to eat on the go when you make your wraps with Battistoni Specialty Italian Meats!

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