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Pair Any Number of Italian Specialty Meats with Turkey to Make a Great Sandwich

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If you are like millions of Americans, you probably still have plenty of leftover turkey from Thanksgiving eating up space in your freezer. And if you are like millions of Americans, you probably wish it would just disappear as you are really tired of turkey leftovers.

What you need is a better way to use up those last few pounds of Thanksgiving turkey. We have just the answer: Turkey and salami sandwiches.

In fact, you can pair any number of Italian specialty meats with turkey to make a great sandwich; salami, pepperoni or capicola, these all add a whole new dimension to your typical turkey sandwich. But as we all know, the meats are just one component of a great sandwich. In order for a sandwich to sweep you off your feet, you need the right kind of bread, the right kind of fillings and the right kind of condiments.

The Right Bread

Take that loaf of Wonderbread and throw it out. If you want a real tasty sandwich, one done right, choose something with a little flavor and texture.

Challahs and Brioches

The challah and its French cousin, the brioche, are breads full of fluff and sweetness that will lovingly balance out the saltiness of Italian specialty meats. You can also add to their subtle sweetness with a dab of nut butter.


If you are crafting an open-faced masterpiece, you certainly don’t want to drown it with fillings. The baguette offers a light and crisp flavor that leaves the other ingredients to shine.


If your filling is malleable enough to get rolled up, swaddle it in lavash.


We are all aware that ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise are on the top of this list. That’s fine, but if you want added flavor in your turkey sandwich you might want to consider sriracha, olive oil or hummus. In fact, honey mustard, guacamole and pesto are all tastier choices than mayonnaise.


The easiest way to present sandwich fillings is by simply giving you a list. But that would make you lazy. Let’s start with sweet onions, eggplant or zucchini in place of that tomato. That’s a good start. Cranberry goes very well with turkey, so you should give that a shot. Chives are also a good choice. If you really want to go out on a limb, top your turkey sandwich with a couple of boiled quail eggs.

Our point is that there are many, many ways you can pump up your leftover turkey sandwiches, Be creative and discover the next great turkey sandwich recipe!

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