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Low Carb Snacks Featuring Italian Cured Meats

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With the recent trend in American diets focusing on moving away from carbs and gluten, you might be struggling with the best ways to enjoy your favorite Italian meat without bread or crackers. While simple meat and cracker snacks are still a delicious choice, there are plenty of other ways to partake in Italian cured meats without waiting for your next cheat day. Check out these great low-carb snacks featuring cured Italian meats.

  1. Fresh fruit and Italian cured meats While the recipe is simple, by no means is this a flavorless appetizer. Pairing your favorite melon with rich Italian cured meats creates a mouthwatering snack without the carbs. First, cut your favorite melon into cubes-- try cantaloupe or honeydew -- and slide the melon cube onto a toothpick followed by a savory meat such as prosciuttini or capocollo. Top the melon and meat toothpick off with a fresh blueberry for a killer, sophisticated appetizer. Arrange the toothpicks on a plate and watch them disappear!
  2. Fried sausage and mixed greens Although we previously covered cured meats and arugula as an easy finger food salad, try giving your dried Italian sausage slices a quick sear before topping with mixed greens and a drizzle of vinaigrette. The sausage meat will develop a crispy texture, so you won’t even miss the crackers.
  3. Pepperoni sausage, mozzarella, and cherry tomato A twist on a classic that needs almost no explanation. Simply slide a toothpick through a slice of pepperoni, follow with a healthy chunk of mozzarella, and top with a cherry tomato for a carb-free ‘pizza’ on a toothpick!

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