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Ketchup is Totally Gross on a Sandwich Filled with Italian Specialty Meats Like Salami, Capocollo and Pepperoni

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There are just two types of people in the sandwich world; those who love mayonnaise and those who absolutely hate it. In fact, there are some people who gag even thinking about mayo, seriously.

This got us wondering what these type of people use as a sandwich spread. Sure, there is always mustard, ketchup perhaps and maybe even butter, but those are all so boring, and really, ketchup is totally gross on a sandwich filled with Italian specialty meats like salami, capocollo and pepperoni.

So if you are a mayophobe or if you would just like to switch up the spread you use on your masterpiece sandwiches, there are several choices.


Pesto is not just a sauce you use in pasta anymore. This wonderfully tasty sauce is made of basil, parmesan and garlic and is full of flavor with a nice texture. Spread some pesto on some sliced ciabatta bread and then layer it with Italian specialty meats, tomatoes and spinach and you have a tasty sandwich indeed.


No, you don't have to be a vegetarian to appreciate the flavors hummus has to offer. This Middle Eastern dip is great with pita bread and veggies, but it can also be great on your sandwich. Hummus is a savory combination of chickpeas, lemon juice, olive oil and garlic and offers protein and fiber, something you don't get with traditional sandwich spreads. So don't feel too guilty if you spread this on a little thick.


A smashed up avocado gives you plenty of flavor, just like mayonnaise, plus a healthy dose of the good fats you need to stay fit and looking good.

Honey Mustard

This sweet and tangy sauce is as good on your sandwich as it is on your chicken tenders. You can get this at your favorite grocery store or you can simply mix equal parts of mustard and honey right in the comfort and convenience of your own kitchen.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is as creamy and tasty as mayonnaise, but it also has a mere fraction of the calories and fat. Make this an even tastier spread by adding spices, herbs or even a squirt of hot sauce to boost the flavor.

Caesar Dressing

A Caesar salad is an awesome thing, as is a sandwich drizzled with Caesar dressing. If you are tired of pouring ranch dressing on everything, swap it out for Caesar.

Sandwiches are even better when you pair them with a really great spread. Give one of these a shot!

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