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​If You Slap Your Organic Pepperoni and Other Specialty Meats Between Two Slices of White Bread Every Time You Make a Sandwich, You Need to Rethink the Bread You Use

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If you slap your organic pepperoni and other specialty meats between two slices of white bread every time you make a sandwich, you need to rethink the bread you use. Look, we enjoy eating our organic pepperoni, Italian salami and other specialty meats enclosed in white bread, but we also like to use other types of breads to mix things up a bit.

Bread, it is one of the first foods we, as humans, began making for ourselves thousands of years ago. Bread is a staple for many cultures and is used for a great many meals and recipes. There are literally thousands of types of breads and any one of them would make a great base for your next sandwich.


The baguette is a type of French bread very popular around the world. Baguettes are distinguished by their long, tube-like appearance and their crunchy crusts and super-soft interior. Some baguettes are as long as two feet in length, image the size of that sandwich!


Bagels are a wildly popular type of bread made from yeast dough that is first rolled, then boiled and then baked in an oven. They have a texture that is similar to bread and there are countless flavors and varieties. You can choose an onion bagel for your sandwich or give in to your sweet craving with a blueberry bagel.


Ciabatta is a loaf bread from Italy with dense crumbs and a deep, hard crust. Often, it is seasoned with rosemary or other spices and flavored with olive oil. If you want a really good sandwich bread, try a ciabatta roll.


Croissants are buttery, flakey and have a very rich flavor. They hail from France and are made by mixing yeast dough and puff pastry together in layers. Though traditionally considered a pastry served for breakfast, we see no reason you can't fill one with our specialty meats for an exquisite sandwich.


Focaccia is an Italian bread and tends to be relatively flat and is not kneaded before baking. But because yeast is one of the ingredients it will rise slightly during the baking process. Focaccia is rich in flavor and have a wonderful texture and makes a great bread for a sandwich.


Naan is a Middle Eastern flatbread similar to pita bread, but without the pocket. Naan is made by combining dough and leavening and baking this mixture in an oven. Though often topped with butter and garlic, Naan bread can be topped with specialty meats and rolled into a peculiar-shaped sandwich.

This list of breads is far from done, check back for more posts on great sandwich breads.

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