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Cured Italian Meats for the Big Game

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As the new year hits its stride and the snow continues to fall, there’s one thing on everybody’s mind: the football playoffs! Gather your friends and family, put on your lucky jersey, and prepare for the big game with cured Italian meats from Battistoni Italian Specialty Meats! Our dried Italian sausage and pepperoni sticks are made from only the finest ingredients, which means your big party will be filled with Old World flavors just as exciting as the game.

Battistoni makes preparing for the championship game easier than ever. Not only do we make the cured Italian meats that will please all the fans, you can order many of our Italian cured meats directly from our online store and have them shipped to your house in time for the big game. We ship our pepperoni sausage and salamis five days a week via USPS, so with just a minute or two of planning ahead, you can skip the long lines at the market this Sunday. Simply slice up your favorite Italian meats and plate them with your favorite cheese and crackers to have a delicious, easy to enjoy snack while you watch your team drive for victory.

At Battistoni, we’ve been making our Italian sausage meat using the same recipes Umberto Battistoni brought from Italy in 1931. Our artisan-made pepperoni sausage is sure to be a hit at any party, so why not spice up your Sundays and watch football with our best tasting Italian meats! Order your cured Italian meats online from the Battistoni store today, and make sure your game day Sundays are super every time.

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