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A Real Good Sandwich has Organic Pepperoni, Salami Capicola and Other Italian Specialty Meats

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You might be in the mood for a sandwich, a real good sandwich with organic pepperoni, salami capicola and other Italian specialty meats, but having to order it and put it all together between a couple of slices of bread seems like a lot of effort on your part. So you decide instead to drive through a fast food joint.

Big mistake.

Whether you decide to grab a burger at Burger King or a taco at Taco Bell, know that what you are getting can hardly be defined as food. And it certainly isn't good food by any stretch of the imagination.

In fact, if anything, you are slowly killing yourself eating at these fast food places. If you have any doubt that fast food places serve unhealthy cuisine, here is the proof.


Arby’s Roast Turkey Ranch and Bacon Sandwich is stuffed with cheese, bacon and drizzled with ranch dressing, adding up to a whopping 800 calories and well over 2,000 mg sodium. And let’s not forget about the 10 grams of saturated fat.

Burger King

If you are really hungry, you might wind up at Burger King ordering a Triple Whopper, but that would be ill-advised. You see, this monstrosity of a burger is one of the worst on the menu delivering over 1,100 calories, 27 grams of saturated fat and over 1,000 mg sodium.

The only safe way to eat this is if you plan of fasting for the next three days.


You might think a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese from Mcdonald's is a safe choice. But then you would be wrong. Look, there is no reason to stuff your face with half a pound of beef, especially the kind of beef you find at a McDonald’s, unless you are purposely trying to get fat and clog your arteries.

Do your body a favor and make a nice Italian sandwich instead.


A Spicy Chicken Sandwich Deluxe from Chick-Fil-A might taste good and fill you up, but it will also fill you with way more calories than you need and a bunch of fats and sodium. You might want to stop and consider the consequences of eating too many of these.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

The Chicken Pot Pie at Kentucky Fried Chicken packs an entire day's worth of sodium. In addition, it contains over 700 calories and 37 grams of saturated fat. To give yourself some perspective, you would have to eat 75 wings to consume the same amount of saturated fat contained in one pot pie.


If you desire a meal with over 1,000 calories, nearly 30 grams of saturated fat and almost 2,000 mg sodium, then step right up and order a Wendy's Triple Burger. The only way to make this burger any more unhealthy is to pair it with a side of fries and a large Coke.

Pizza Hut

Think pizza is a healthy alternative? No way. Pizza Hut pizza is loaded with sodium, saturated fats and a ton of calories.

You can see why it is a wise choice to avoid these foods and stick to making your own sandwiches at home.

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