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The Perfect Italian Salami Sandwich

At Battistoni Italian Specialty Meats, we’re in the business of making high quality Italian salami and other great dried sausage meats, and not in the business of telling you how to live your life. That being said, we truly believe that a classic Italian salami sandwich is one of the best ways to enjoy life, [...]

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How We Slow Dry Our Italian Salami To Perfection

Since 1931, Battistoni Italian Specialty Meats has been producing our dry salami using Old World recipes first brought to the United States by Umberto Battistoni. Due to the high quality of our Italian salami, we have continued to expand our line to include a number of varities of salami including calabrese salami, hard salami, and [...]

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What Makes Our Chorizo Special

When most people think of Battistoni Italian Specialty Meats, they think of our delicious dried salami or our many popular varieties of pepperoni sausage. However, one of our specialties is actually chorizo. Although cured chorizo is typically known as a Mexican sausage, we’ve been making our own artisan style chorizo here at Battistoni with a [...]

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Surprise Your Friends With Battistoni Italian Gift Baskets

Having great friends makes every day of your life a little bit better. Whether it is someone to lend you a hand when you’re moving or just someone who answers the phone when you need to vent, our friends help us get through the trials and tribulations of life. And when you have a good [...]

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Midweek Pantry Pasta with Italian Salami

Finding time to cook for yourself and your family can be an extremely difficult challenge, especially in the middle of the week. However, midweek family meals help provide a good balance between busy lives filled with school, work, dance rehearsal, soccer practice, and the many other ways we keep our lives so busy. By taking [...]

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Low Carb Snacks Featuring Italian Cured Meats

With the recent trend in American diets focusing on moving away from carbs and gluten, you might be struggling with the best ways to enjoy your favorite Italian meat without bread or crackers. While simple meat and cracker snacks are still a delicious choice, there are plenty of other ways to partake in Italian cured [...]

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Dairy Free Sausage Pairings

Don’t get stuck in a rut and continue pairing cured Italian meats with the same old cheddar and pepperjack cheese cubes. Try these delicious vegetable pairings for delicious, dairy free snacks and appetizers featuring Battistoni Italian Specialty Meats. Your taste buds will definitely thank you! Arugula & Balsamic Vinegar. Arugula is a spicy, leafy green that [...]

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Spice Up Your Pizza with Italian Salami

There’s no two ways about it, eating the same thing over and over again is boring, even if it is your favorite food. While you might have a go-to favorite carry out meal or even a signature dish to make at home, eventually you are going to want to change things up and try something [...]

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Cured Italian Meats for the Big Game

As the new year hits its stride and the snow continues to fall, there’s one thing on everybody’s mind: the football playoffs! Gather your friends and family, put on your lucky jersey, and prepare for the big game with cured Italian meats from Battistoni Italian Specialty Meats! Our dried Italian sausage and pepperoni sticks are [...]

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Make the Holidays Easier with Italian Gift Baskets

As wonderful as the winter holidays are with family gatherings and community events, they often bring plenty of stress as well. Between social obligations and shopping for gifts, time passes very quickly in December. However, Battistoni Italian Specialty Meats can help make the holidays easier with Italian gift baskets.If you are hosting or attending a [...]

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