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Ketchup is Totally Gross on a Sandwich Filled with Italian Specialty Meats Like Salami, Capocollo and Pepperoni

There are just two types of people in the sandwich world; those who love mayonnaise and those who absolutely hate it. In fact, there are some people who gag even thinking about mayo, seriously.This got us wondering what these type of people use as a sandwich spread. Sure, there is always mustard, ketchup perhaps and [...]

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Sink Your Teeth Into This Basic Fried Salami Sandwich and You Will Forget All Your Troubles

Turn your kitchen into the best sandwich shop on the block by making your very own deli-style sandwiches using specialty meats and tasty cheeses. Forget that PB and J and sink your teeth into one of these masterpieces.Old School Salami SandwichFeeling a little peckish? Then sink yourteeth into this basic fried salami sandwich and you [...]

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‚ÄčIf You Slap Your Organic Pepperoni and Other Specialty Meats Between Two Slices of White Bread Every Time You Make a Sandwich, You Need to Rethink the Bread You Use

If you slap your organic pepperoni and other specialty meats between two slices of white bread every time you make a sandwich, you need to rethink the bread you use. Look, we enjoy eating our organic pepperoni, Italian salami and other specialty meats enclosed in white bread, but we also like to use other types [...]

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A Good Sandwich Will Include Tasty Ingredients Like Organic Pepperoni, Smoked Gouda Cheese and Sliced Tomatoes

A sandwich is a quick, easy and very tasty way to make a meal. A sandwich can make a great breakfast, lunch, dinner or midnight snack. You can make a sandwich that is served hot or you can make a sandwich that is served cold. The sandwich is a versatile food, and very delicious as [...]

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Order Some Organic Pepperoni and Other Meats for the Base of What Will be Your Dagwood Sandwich

According to Wikipedia, a Dagwood sandwich is a very tall, multi-layered sandwich made from a variety of meats, cheeses and condiments. For those who have never read a newspaper, it was named after Dagwood Bumstead, one of the central characters in the beloved strip Blondie. Dagwood is often depicted making and devouring these enormous sandwiches [...]

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Your Favorite Sandwich is One Stuffed With Your Favorite Italian Meats, Especially Organic Pepperoni

From a very young age, if you grew up in a normal household, you were introduced to the sandwich. It all started innocently enough, perhaps with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a bologna sandwich, but that is how your addiction to sandwiches started.And while you are quite happy to sink your teeth into [...]

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Having Pepperoni as One of Your Favorite Italian Meats is Quite Acceptable

You love organic pepperoni and it shows because you order pizza or make an Italian sandwich four to six times a week. You seem to think these are the only two dishes you can incorporate organic pepperoni. But if you think outside the box, there are several recipes that can be altered to accommodate organic pepperoni. Having [...]

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You Plan on Using Our Organic Pepperoni on Homemade Pizza

Well now, you just placed an order for some of the best organic pepperoni you will have the pleasure to eat. Your mouth is watering in anticipation. You plan on using our organic pepperoni on your favorite sandwiches when picnicking this summer. You also plan on using our organic pepperoni on homemade pizza.But do you know how [...]

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Picnic Lunch WIth Italian Cured Meats

As the weather continues getting nicer, there are going to be plenty of opportunities to spend more time outside with your family. Such outings are a great way to seemingly slow time down a little in order to let siblings bond and for parents to savor the precious moments of childhood. One great way for [...]

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Quick Sandwich Wraps For Meals On The Go

One of the harder things to do these days is to find time to have a well-rounded meal while on the go. Although more and more restaurants are offering healthier dining options, preparing a meal for your family is still the best way to be in complete control of the ingredients in the food you [...]

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