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A Good Sandwich Will Include Tasty Ingredients Like Organic Pepperoni, Smoked Gouda Cheese and Sliced Tomatoes

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A sandwich is a quick, easy and very tasty way to make a meal. A sandwich can make a great breakfast, lunch, dinner or midnight snack. You can make a sandwich that is served hot or you can make a sandwich that is served cold. The sandwich is a versatile food, and very delicious as well. Below, we have a general primer on how to work a great sandwich, for those who are newcomers in the art of sandwich making. The good news is you don’t need any special skills, certificates or superpowers to build a fantastic sandwich, just the gumption to do so.

Choosing the Bread

There are a lot of different styles of bread from which to choose. The best ones are as healthy as they are tasty. We suggest you skip the Wonder Bread and opt instead for something fresh from your local bakery. Try a nice rye, fresh potato or satisfying wheat bread, you will be surprised at what a difference a good bread will make.


Condiments serve two purposes; they moisten the bread and add flavor to the sandwich. Liven your sandwich up by skipping traditional condiments like mustard and mayonnaise and spreading pesto or hollandaise goodness on your bread. Pro tip: Make sure you spread the condiments on your bread all the way to the edge of the bread so it is completely covered.

The Fillings

Different sandwiches will include different things between the slices of bread. Now is your chance to get creative! There are no rules that state what is appropriate sandwich material, so don’t let anybody tell you putting a fried egg on a BLT is wrong. A good sandwich will include tasty ingredients like organic pepperoni, smoked Gouda cheese and sliced tomatoes. That’s right, make sure you get all the food groups in your sandwich. After all, a sandwich is meant to be a meal in itself.

Making the Sandwich

You don't need any special tools or superior knowledge to build a sandwich, just a little common sense. Obviously. You want your vegetables to be the first layer, so start by stacking your lettuce and tomatoes. Make sure the lettuce overlaps the edge of the bread, but not too much, tomatoes that overlap the bread is uncalled for, and quite frankly, an amateur move. Now you have a foundation for your meats. In some countries, improperly layering your ham or turkey is a criminal act. Never just slap your meats on a sandwich. Carefully fold the meat in half and gently place it so it overlaps the bread and vegetable foundation. Repeat this process until the meats completely cover the sandwich in thick, healthy, folded layers. Good job.

Now, top off your sandwich with any cheeses you desire, an egg or sriracha and you have created a masterpiece! 

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