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Battistoni History

Battistoni brand Italian meats are prepared using the finest ingredients available. We use the same authentic Italian recipes first brought to America by founder Umberto Battistoni in 1931.  With a taste this good, we are confident we will become your preferred, if not only, salami and Italian meat brand.

Battistoni is committed to providing customers all across the United States with the best tasting Italian cured meats from 5 different regions of Old World Italy. Whether you favor the spiciness of Calabrese hot salami or the distinct peppery flavor of our famous cappocola, you can be sure that it is produced according to the same exacting standards that have been in place for generations.

We invite you to discover why Battistoni is that much better….any way you slice it.

From our family’s table to yours…

A Rich Artisan History

Founded in 1931 by Umberto Battistoni, Battistoni brand Italian meats are prepared using the finest ingredients available and in strict compliance with the original recipes that Umberto imported from Italy more than 85 years ago, including his original secret spice blends. 

The Battistoni family owned the Battistoni brand from 1931 until 2005.  In the beginning, Umberto sold his meats from the trunk of his car, under the “Bison” brand name, reflecting Umberto’s adopted “new world” home in Buffalo, New York.  In 1994, the Battisoni family changed the Bison brand name to Battistoni, in honor of its founder.  In 1964, the Battistoni family purchased a 47,000 square-foot production facility at 81 Dingens Street in Buffalo.  The facility, which has been updated and modernized many times, remains the home of Battistoni products to this day.  

The Battistoni brand is currently owned by Battistoni Italian Specialty Meats LLC, a company formed in 2014 by friends and life-long Buffalo residents who share a passion for the highest quality and best tasting Italian meats, and who grew up on pizzas covered with Battistoni “cup and char” pepperoni, a product that was invented and perfected by Umberto more than 50 years ago!

Battistoni Italian Specialty Meats LLC currently employs more than 30 employees, many of whom have been making Battistoni Italian cured meat products for decades.  

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